When I was in first grade, my parents suddenly decided they wanted another child. They ended up with triplets, two new sons and a daughter. All three of us pitched in to raise them, and that’s probably why I still think of them as kids even though they’re all in college now. I never minded helping with them, but we never just hung around together as siblings. When I left home, they only seemed to call or drop in when they needed help.

I received a call at work from my wife earlier today. She was pregnant with our second child, and she had gone into premature labor. One of our neighbors was taking her to the hospital, and another one was babysitting our young daughter. My car had failed to start that morning, so one of my colleagues dropped me off at the hospital.

Things went from bad to worse when I arrived, and my wife had to have emergency surgery to deliver our child. I was worried sick, could not get in contact with her parents and then my sister called. I would never normally burden my siblings with adult matters, but i needed to talk to someone. I hung up on her when the doctor appeared.

My wife was fine, but I still needed to contact her mother and find another sitter. I also needed a way to get home after visiting hours. One of my younger brothers showed up just after they let me see our new baby, and he was carrying a dozen roses. Seems my brothers and sister understood I needed help, and they made their own arrangements. They managed to fix my car up with a new battery, took over for the sitter and they had even thought to get my wife some roses for her hard day of labor.